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I just tweeted that picture to @liamcunningham1 . Nervous? Oh hell yeah.
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Сегодня, 65 лет назад, наши ёбанули Дойчланд. Так-то.
В Киеве мы бы сейчас стояли на берегу Днепра - там, где Ауэ переправлялся со своей компанией - и смотрели бы фейерверк, 65 салютов. Днём мы бы гуляли по парку, и поминали бы тех, кто разбил фашизм - например, тех ребят, которые подняли красный флаг над рейхстагом.
Ну не справляют они в Германии, понятно. Хоть и надо бы. Но чтоб продавать кучу цветов в этот день и делать вид, что тут день матери...
Меня это бесит, и все.
И Штирлица жалко. Его ж подстрелили, не дали домой уйти...  Эх....

Uhm, sorry for the Russian. Just miss my yearly fireworks over the Dnieper, and the warm glow of victory.

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I got up three fucking hours before class to do this goddamned writing assignment. 6am.
Now, I only have about 15%. I thought, how long would it take to read "A very short Introduction"? 50 fucking pages. And that's just two chapters of this SOB flapping away, making me forget what the fuck he wrote on the previous page. Very short indeed. FUCK YOU, Edwards. FUCK YOU. I want this class dammit.
This bloody essay decides my fucking participation. GAAAH. T_T I just wanna sleep....


Dec. 17th, 2008 08:33 am
Gotta deliver my paper in three hours, and have only written 200 words. Gulp...?
One thousand left... goodness me. Wish me luck...

EDIT: I came to class one hour late, but with my shiny printed paper. GOSH that was close.... >_<
Next time, I won't write it in the night before... then again, I said so last time, too.... ^^;;;
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Wow-whee, Alignment shift, anyone? Used to be Neutral Good, once...

Your result for The D&D Alignment Test...

Chaotic Neutral

Keep this in mind, before you read this and take it too seriously...

This test is based on a system of moral absolutes. There is no subjectivity in D&D, as it is based on a fantasy world of heroes and villains. That is why their alignment system is so simple and polar.
So naturally, if I were to apply this simple morality to modern day life, things would look very "black and white". That is why I watered down the concept of evil and good. It is very unlikely that anyone who takes this test is a mass murderer or a superhero, so Mean vs. Nice will have to take the place of good vs. evil.

Chaos and Neutrality in a nutshell:

-Chaotic characters tend to be spontaneous and disorganized. They tend to dislike authority and they live by their own rules.

-In regard to good vs. evil, neutral characters tend to be somewhat selfish. They do not have a strong will to do the right thing, but they do have a conscience.

Your Alignment:

"The Free Spirit"

You are a loose cannon, like my good friend Zaphod, pictured below.
You are unreliable and quirky, but fun loving and spontaneous. You may be self centered and occasionally obnoxious, but you're not a bad person overall. People who can stand you are usually amused by your antics.

Take The D&D Alignment Test
at HelloQuizzy

Mkay, and the official test on the D&D website confirmed it too... O_o
*guilty* I'll... just go back to writing my analysis paper then.... *whistles innocently and sneaks off*
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Now, we are not actually allowed to blog in the library, but weird things keep happening to me.
Last week, in English-to-German Translation: 
Nari: *spots cool Persian(!)-English dictionary at neighbour's desk* Cool! Can I have a look?
Neighbour: *nods*
Nari: *opens random page*
The word "Gothic": *is on random page*
Nari: O_O ... fate, anyone?

And, another reason to fret: I believe Artemis is after me.
Now, it was still funny when i saw that bordello advertisement for an "Artemis" club... *snerk* *rofl* But: 
Incident the second: two minutes ago, me looking for helpful literature on Russian revolutionaries... Book pops up.
Three guesses to what name the publishing house has.
Wizards of the Coast?
I wish. 
Artemis, what else.
*feels followed* Hopefully I will get the opportunity to squee a little at him, before he murders me... T_T *sigh*

On a side note: Me was guiltily reading Silent Blade at boring Slavic Literature-science lecture. Had to rein in the squee several times, for guess who the novel's about? A. E.
Obsessed? Me? ha! ;-)
PS: nanowrimo... *sigh* 4000-something words. Pitiful, but Rai shall strangle me if I stop. Unless Artemis does it first...
PPS: V for Vendetta is LOOOOOOOVE. *fangirls Natalie Portman and V, smites German dub writer*

*has found the complete Forgotten Realms comics scanned* My countrymen really have no respect of copyright, and you gotta LOOOOOVE them for it <3
Drizzt!!!!!! *fangirlsqueal* and... and... all the others and KYAAAAAAAH! *fangirls*
Too bad Entreri hasn't joined the fray yet at this point of the canon... and I should be writing that huge Ethics thing for school... but...

Omi: T_T she's forgetting about us...
Aya: *OOC, beaming* Yaaaaaay!!! ^_^

Dream on, sweetie. I'll pair you off with AE anyway, wait 'till the Finals of Doom are over...

Aya: *snaps fingers* Kuso.

Bad bishie. Behave or I'll add bondage kink to the story *evil grin*

Kimmuriel: *high-fives Schu* It's gooooood to be a mindreader... *smirks*
Schu: *leers* Oh~yes. Think of all the blackmailing material...
Kimmuriel *_* Oh revenge, sweet revenge. Just you wait, Artemis Entreri. You are sooo getting it this time.
Entreri: *feeling very trapped-in-a-corner* I think not. *tries to Glare Nari into some more Writer's Block* You wouldn't Dare, you little wannabe authoress.

*supresses the urge to hide under table* lalalaaaaa...... *sticks fingers into ears* me not listening.....

Jarlaxle: She's improving. Last time she actually fainted....

Shout it louder, why not? *pouts*

Jarlaxle: 'kay. Anything for you, my dear... ^_^ *breathes in deeply* LAST TIME NARI FAIN.........

*hits Update-Button, growling*  Ass...

Jarlaxle: I know, I know. Incredible, isn't it? ^_~

*everyone but J. groans, inspiring lots of dirty thoughts in Nari, who clicks UPDATE anyway and returns to the Ethics and Youth Crime*

Grr. Argh.

Jan. 4th, 2007 12:38 pm
Aye, this (in)famous quote from the Very Secret LotR Diaries is not enough...

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Nariel posting on LJ!!!!! O_O Run for your lives, mes amis.

Stuff happened. I'm in the middle of my final school year, I played hooky for the first time in my life (but psssst!) and managed to run across my tutor (or class teacher) on the day after, while I was supposed to be gravely sick *fake cough* I mean, on the frickin' Christmas market, what are the chances? >_<;;;;

Teacher: Aren't you ill?
Me: *quick-thinking* Uhm, I have an appointment at the Administrative Office for Citizens, because of my naturalization thingie... *sweatdrop*

She bought it, but me baka forgot to sound properly hoarse... And it was a half-truth anyway, since I do need that German citizenship, so I can finally travel with a proper document and sans visa fussing. Ask me about my last London class trip, if you are dying for a rant on bureaucracy and horrendous railway prices....

Too tired to continue now. Night.

Hello dears! ^^
Excuse me while I rant for a moment like a girl you´d all hate and despise.
Okay, I'm done squealing.
I wrote a fiiic! The first chapter of it anyway, which is longer than any of my oneshots. And I wrote it in THREE DAYS O_O . And No writers block in sight. 
Working title: "Thorns and Daggers", trying to get [personal profile] ladyofshadow to co-author it. She´s a fantastic beta, somehow putting up with me... and I'll try to make some progress while she's on holidays. Have fun dear!
Anyhowz. First, I randomly wanted to throw Schwarz into Forgotten Realms. Then, I combined it with an AU storyline, in which Weiß were living in the Realms, as an assassin team for Kritiker, the only do-good-er Guild in Calimport. And since Calimport=Artemis Entreri, he's gonna be in it.  Perhaps I'll even dare slashing him? BWAHAHAHA!!!!
Youji: *tell-tale whistle* Bring them on, the undersexed assassins!!! *winks to Aya* We'd make a fine threesome. One blonde, one red, one dark...
^________^ He's giving me ideas. 
 Entreri *Glares at Nariel*
Aya *Glares at Youji and Nariel*
*squeal* They have matching glares!!! How cute! 
*gulps, realising her own mistake and runs for her life*

PS: But they do have a lot in common.... *hums Cell Block Tango (who'll guess which line?)*
Whoo yeah, boom baby!
*tears of joy* My baby is in working order! Right now!!!
Nari's back with news, people!
Compie broken for three... no, now four! weeks. Withdrawal symptoms appalling.
Awfully. But now, I updated my LJ. See below.



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