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I just tweeted that picture to @liamcunningham1 . Nervous? Oh hell yeah.


Oct. 28th, 2009 03:50 pm
narielandherhat: (sxs)

THIS is my new OTP, 00:07 to 00:46. Stierlitz and Schellenberg. Schellenberg (the cutie in the suit) is the boss of Department VI the counter-intelligence of the SD. The Gestapo and the VIth have a bitching of DOOM going on, to the point of abducting each other's suspects. Mueller, Gestapo-boss, briefly appears in the first 6 seconds of the video.
The series is from 1973, and is called 17 Moments Of Spring. it is available with DDL links on youtube, www.youtube.com/user/birubirFilms on this channel. The subtitles are pretty good too from what I've seen.
I just want Hellstrom/Stierlitz slash..... and yes, the name similarity to Hugo is a funny coincidence, ain't it? Well. Our Stierlitz, besides being the best-known Standartenführer in Russian culture - yes, even post-Basterds - is our national (fictitious) hero. Because, in fact, he is a Russian spy.  Fuck, I've never seen two films so crossoverable. They have the same bloody setting. 1944/1945, Nazi Germany? Do want.
Come on, Russian LJ, speak out. Write stuff. I know there is two of you, at least.
....damn, I shouldn't fangirl Schellenberg so hard. He is a real person, dammit, and a real bastard. i don't even want to know about how he rose so quickly in ranks. *coughHimmler'spersonalassistentEWcough*
...and, Linn? "omfg fuck yeah historical nazi slash" is not what I wanted to hear... ;-)
btw, the song goes

At night a human doesn't want to be alone
because love in the bright moonlight
is the best thing, you know what I mean, *winkwink*
on the one hand and on the other hand
and furthermore.
Because a human needs a little bit of love,
love is most likely´╗┐ the finest of all desires for the heart,
on the one hand and on the other hand
and furthermore.

... oooh, S/S slash. I feel like such a sicko.



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