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Nari is definitely Bleach-infested. Beware, folks. Beware.
My Entreri-muse is already running around Soul Society bitching on everyone's fighting technique and especially Bya-chan Kuchiki-taichou and his silly hair ♥ Though, personally, I think it's the fact Bya beats him at the Angsting-With-Least-Telling-Expression-Contest. He just can't lose gracefully, see The Drizzit, his One True Love Hate.
Nya, watching Bleach is fun. Current episode: 102. Pairing hints? A LOT. Pairing ideas? Even more. Crossover possibilities? *gnnn* Don't get me started there... it's bad enough that Urahara is so... JARLAXLE. He Is, I swear. Except the looks, but... *twitch* It's creepy!
I mean - magical shinies obsession? Check. Manipulating everything and everyone? Check. Tends to grin all the time like Caroll's cat? Check. Badass squabbling sidekicks? Check. Default innocent expression? Check. Hat? Check. And so on.

Entreri: Tss. I'd kill them all.
Nari: If only they didn't have that fancy reiatsu, spirit power, eh?
Entreri: *grrrrrr* Shut up.
Nari: And Charon's Claw is soooooo a zanpakutou. An old prototype, nya, and... *blathers on pseudo-Bleach!scientifically*
Entreri: Forget it. I'm not going to Soul Society, neither does Drizzt, on account of being dead...
Drizzt: *opens  mouth to protest*
The Companions: *gag him, bind him, and drag him off*
Nari: *high-fives Bruenor*
Entreri: *oblivious to the exchange* ... and I'm certainly NOT joining the Gotei 13.
Nari: I think you fit into the Second Squad. Boy, they need a decent Vice-Captain. That omoeda... *shudder* What was Soi thinking?
Soi Fong: That's Taichou to you, brat.
Nari: *squees and cuddles a protesting Soi* You're so coooool!!!!!
Entreri: Aherm. Evil, remember?
Nari: *shrug* I think you'd be great there. You could teach those ninja stuff...
Entreri: I AM NOT JOINING THE GOOD!!!!!!!!! Got that?
Nari: *non-existent glasses glinting* There's always the flower shop...
Entreri: *twitch* Ngk...
Aya: Just make it a tragedy.  *angst mode* I do not deserve a happy ending...
Nari: *pats Aya* I'm not writing anything yet. I study for Linguistics. Really.
Entreri: *nastily* while watching anime?
Nari: *waves The Fic Of Doom at him*
Entreri: *actually scared* Gnnn.... someone kill me. Please.
Rai-gy and Kimmuriel: *pop up with eager grins*
Entreri: It was a joke! A joke!!
Rai-gy: *sulks*
Jarlaxle: *flying glomp on Entreri* You made a joke! Oh, your character is improving so wonderfully, I am so proud of you, of course it is my positive influence... *and so on*
SoiFong: *dreamily* Yoruichi-sama....

*squees over Soi's kawaiiness*
...actually, I meant to rant on the funny German passages in Bleach. Just..... XDDDDDDDDD
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Haiku2 for assassin-nariel
war romance between
youji and nariel squeal they
have matching glares how
Created by Grahame

Happy Birthday to [profile] penguin_sama, the one and only Y/A romantic ♥
(Sorry it's belated, dear... I don't have WWW at home anymore, just the Uni computer pools. While they're more than three PCs, like at my school, it still means: no hardcore yaoi...T_T)

Couldn't write anything, so I created a haiku, hope you like. I didn't mean for it to be Mary-Sue-ish! Honest! 
... well... Not really...
And Kristi's ficlet is stuck too... *headdesks* Might be ready before your next birthday - then again, perhaps not...

Shock of the day:, a german student network, which is supposed tofeature real persons only, had a Lord Voldemort. Siiigh. Along with the rest of HP-cast. There is even an Entreri...

Artemis: An impostor!  The bastard. You better have reported him!

Of course I have. And there were four Drizzt Do'Urdens.

Artemis: ...grr.

Well, he IS more famous...

Artemis: ...GRR.

*slyly* Well, we might be able to change that if you did what other muses do and helped me write the Fic, instead of scaring me with death threats each time I sit down to write...

Artemis: Ha! Never. I refuse to have my name besmirched with your ridiculous ideas of *shudder* Love.

Aw, come on. Aya-kun is cute.

Artemis: No comment.

*thrilled by lack of outright negation* And I won't have you using the L-word with four letters, either.
Artemis: *considering* Hmm... 

*in the background, Aya is arguing with the snickering rest of Weiß that he is NOT cute, thank-you-very-much*

Artemis: Hmm... okay. We might, might have a deal.


Artemis: But!


Artemis: *whispers*  But only if I get the seme part.


Aya: *hears it all anyway* HEY!

Artemis: *appropriately smug* I asked her first.

Aya: *predictably attacks with a scream of "SHI-NE!"*

Artemis: *defends himself one-handedly with a plastic spork, yawning with boredom* I thought you had things to do? Like declaring your undying loooove to a Sue in this awful stuff with the obligatory "Crimson" in its title, which [personal profile] weiss_badfics so eloquently bashes?

*cringes* Ouch. Entreri-sama, we know you're evil, but that was just low.

Aya: *fades away to sulk in a faraway corner of Nari's brain*

Artemis: *shrugs* It's times like these I'm happy to be an unknown crappy-fantasy-novel assassin.

Well, I know a certain L.W. ...

Artemis: I could change my mind about the muse thing RIGHT NOW! ... so you'd better not say it.


Yes, I am bored.

*has found the complete Forgotten Realms comics scanned* My countrymen really have no respect of copyright, and you gotta LOOOOOVE them for it <3
Drizzt!!!!!! *fangirlsqueal* and... and... all the others and KYAAAAAAAH! *fangirls*
Too bad Entreri hasn't joined the fray yet at this point of the canon... and I should be writing that huge Ethics thing for school... but...

Omi: T_T she's forgetting about us...
Aya: *OOC, beaming* Yaaaaaay!!! ^_^

Dream on, sweetie. I'll pair you off with AE anyway, wait 'till the Finals of Doom are over...

Aya: *snaps fingers* Kuso.

Bad bishie. Behave or I'll add bondage kink to the story *evil grin*

Kimmuriel: *high-fives Schu* It's gooooood to be a mindreader... *smirks*
Schu: *leers* Oh~yes. Think of all the blackmailing material...
Kimmuriel *_* Oh revenge, sweet revenge. Just you wait, Artemis Entreri. You are sooo getting it this time.
Entreri: *feeling very trapped-in-a-corner* I think not. *tries to Glare Nari into some more Writer's Block* You wouldn't Dare, you little wannabe authoress.

*supresses the urge to hide under table* lalalaaaaa...... *sticks fingers into ears* me not listening.....

Jarlaxle: She's improving. Last time she actually fainted....

Shout it louder, why not? *pouts*

Jarlaxle: 'kay. Anything for you, my dear... ^_^ *breathes in deeply* LAST TIME NARI FAIN.........

*hits Update-Button, growling*  Ass...

Jarlaxle: I know, I know. Incredible, isn't it? ^_~

*everyone but J. groans, inspiring lots of dirty thoughts in Nari, who clicks UPDATE anyway and returns to the Ethics and Youth Crime*
Hello dears! ^^
Excuse me while I rant for a moment like a girl you´d all hate and despise.
Okay, I'm done squealing.
I wrote a fiiic! The first chapter of it anyway, which is longer than any of my oneshots. And I wrote it in THREE DAYS O_O . And No writers block in sight. 
Working title: "Thorns and Daggers", trying to get [personal profile] ladyofshadow to co-author it. She´s a fantastic beta, somehow putting up with me... and I'll try to make some progress while she's on holidays. Have fun dear!
Anyhowz. First, I randomly wanted to throw Schwarz into Forgotten Realms. Then, I combined it with an AU storyline, in which Weiß were living in the Realms, as an assassin team for Kritiker, the only do-good-er Guild in Calimport. And since Calimport=Artemis Entreri, he's gonna be in it.  Perhaps I'll even dare slashing him? BWAHAHAHA!!!!
Youji: *tell-tale whistle* Bring them on, the undersexed assassins!!! *winks to Aya* We'd make a fine threesome. One blonde, one red, one dark...
^________^ He's giving me ideas. 
 Entreri *Glares at Nariel*
Aya *Glares at Youji and Nariel*
*squeal* They have matching glares!!! How cute! 
*gulps, realising her own mistake and runs for her life*

PS: But they do have a lot in common.... *hums Cell Block Tango (who'll guess which line?)*

Now, all that's left to do is: passing my Abitur, studying, emigrating out of Germany, build contacts, write script, convincing the head honchos of the big studios..... *sigh*
Quiz: your Anime Soulmate

"Ran Fujimiya used to be your beloved in your past life but tragedy striked and you were parted,but being soulmates you two are bound to be together through eternity."

I knew it. I KNEW IT!!!!! *squeal*
Yet another test saying that Aya and I are made for each other!
*sigh* still offline tho...



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