Nov. 27th, 2009 01:27 pm
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[ profile] linndechir asked me five questions, I give five answers. If you comment with RESISTANCE IS FUTILE, I ask YOU five other questions, the answers to which you post in your Journal... yep, I think it goes like that. And we all get to know each other better.

1) You win loads of money in the lottery. What do you do with the money?

I move to London, into a neat central apartment, motorbike, and study translation.

2) You get to shoot a sequel to 17 Moments in order to fix the evil canon (let's pretend that the actors still have the right age). What will happen? Sure, Stierlitz and Schellenberg run off together, but I want details.

Yeah, that bit about the actors... ^^ Stierlitz and Schellenberg do run off together, and work for the Americans against the evil commies in Cuba. Schellenberg, unbeknownst to Stierlitz, triple-crosses everyone and hides with him in rural Tennessee, where they help Aldo and the Basterds, who know Stierlitz from Operation Kino, to eradicate the Ku Klux Clan. There's loads of shooting, coolness, and sex. )Schellenberg keeps a BFF picture of himself and Die Gestapo.) In the end, Aldo and the Basterds head to Nantucket Island to kill Landa, whom they discover in mourning over a cancer-struck Hellstrom. Awkward dinner and recounting of the past ensues - Rahmenhandlung lulz?
Or we go for the short porn sequel: Stierlitz's doing Hellstrom on the beach and writing nasty postcards to his old buddies in prison, Landa has his Hermann, and Aldo has his Hugo. Everyone's happy.
Either version will have a scene in South America, in which, whatever's happening, in the background a black guy in a huge red sombrero and a dark handsome man dressed in all leather sit at at a table in the back of the restaurant, visible for about 2 seconds. YES.

3) Where would you want to live most?
Jetsetting between London and New Zealand wilderness. Somewhere by the sea anyway.

4) Which book you ever read had the biggest impact/influence on how you think and feel? (That doesn't mean it has to be the book you enjoyed most.)
Shaping ME as a character... I'd say Alexandr Grin's Crimson Sails and, yeah, RAS's Servant of the Shard. Don't laugh. It taught me the beauty of revenge. I don't add Les Bienveillantes yet, because I haven't finished it.

5) Worst book you ever read? (sparkly vampires excluded, that'd make it too easy)
Damn. Sparkly vampires IS the worst.
Didn't read Mein Kampf - Der Chef disapproves. Then again, he'd disapprove of me anyway.
ACTUALLY, when I was in hospital and desperately bookless, there was this horrible paperback about a Catholic priest investigating a murder... doesn't have to be bad. But the book was written by a Catholic priest, and with an according point of view. GEH.
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