Oct. 28th, 2009 03:50 pm
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THIS is my new OTP, 00:07 to 00:46. Stierlitz and Schellenberg. Schellenberg (the cutie in the suit) is the boss of Department VI the counter-intelligence of the SD. The Gestapo and the VIth have a bitching of DOOM going on, to the point of abducting each other's suspects. Mueller, Gestapo-boss, briefly appears in the first 6 seconds of the video.
The series is from 1973, and is called 17 Moments Of Spring. it is available with DDL links on youtube, on this channel. The subtitles are pretty good too from what I've seen.
I just want Hellstrom/Stierlitz slash..... and yes, the name similarity to Hugo is a funny coincidence, ain't it? Well. Our Stierlitz, besides being the best-known Standartenführer in Russian culture - yes, even post-Basterds - is our national (fictitious) hero. Because, in fact, he is a Russian spy.  Fuck, I've never seen two films so crossoverable. They have the same bloody setting. 1944/1945, Nazi Germany? Do want.
Come on, Russian LJ, speak out. Write stuff. I know there is two of you, at least.
....damn, I shouldn't fangirl Schellenberg so hard. He is a real person, dammit, and a real bastard. i don't even want to know about how he rose so quickly in ranks. *coughHimmler'spersonalassistentEWcough*
...and, Linn? "omfg fuck yeah historical nazi slash" is not what I wanted to hear... ;-)
btw, the song goes

At night a human doesn't want to be alone
because love in the bright moonlight
is the best thing, you know what I mean, *winkwink*
on the one hand and on the other hand
and furthermore.
Because a human needs a little bit of love,
love is most likely´╗┐ the finest of all desires for the heart,
on the one hand and on the other hand
and furthermore.

... oooh, S/S slash. I feel like such a sicko.
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